Blockchain Advisory Board

Blockchain Advisory Board

Lou Kerner

Lou Kerner is a Partner at Flight VC where he manages The Israel Founders Syndicate, which invests in tech companies founded by Israelis. Since 2013, Lou has been a Crypto enthusiast, investor, public speaker and thought leader. Lou is ranked among the 5 most influential Crypto bloggers on Medium, and regularly holds conference calls with crypto industry innovators attended by hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and investors from around the world.

Prior to Flight VC, Lou was the Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund (SIF), which invested in shares of rapidly growing tech companies. Prior to SIF, Lou was an angel investor, best known for investing in Facebook and writing the first Wall Street style research report on the company in 2010. Before angel investing, Lou ran two digital companies, including Bolt (the largest social network before MySpace), and .tv, which commercialized the top level domain (.tv) licensed from the tiny island nation of Tuvalu. .tv was acquired by Verisign. Prior to .tv, Lou had a distinguished career as an equity analyst following media and tech companies for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

Lou has a B.A. from U.C.L.A. and an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones joined SNAP as a formal advisor in 2017. He is an internet executive, investor and strategic advisor and CEO of Science, Inc. He is Los Angeles’s most active angel investor with more than $2.5B in exits. His exits in 2016 alone included Science portfolio companies HelloSociety (acquired by New York Times), FameBit (acquired by Google) and Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever). He is also a long-time entrepreneur. He started his first company in college, and he was previously the CEO of Userplane (acquired by AOL), Tsavo (acquired by Cybermedia), PBJ (acquired by JB), MySpace (acquired by Specific Media), Myspace Japan (acquired by Softbank), and FIM (acquired by Rubicon Project).

Science Inc. is the disruptive media, marketing and brand building company that creates, invests, acquires and scales successful digital businesses. The company has co-founded and invested in more than 70 companies, including Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, HelloSociety, FameBit, Earny, Pray and Mammoth.Science Inc. recently launched its newest incubator, Science Blockchain, which is currently undergoing an initial coin offering. The incubator has partnered with other leading blockchain companies including BLOCKv, Civic and TaaS and recently announced blockchain reputation network SpringRole, its first portfolio company. Learn more at and

Lon Wong

Lon Wong is the president of the Foundation, Ltd., a global open-source blockchain technology project, and the founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd.A serial technology entrepreneur, Lon has more than 30 years building startups and businesses from engineering consultancy to software applications and ISPs. Lon invented a patent-pending fintech business method used for payment, clearing, settlement, and mobile payments with blockchain technology. At NEM, he is a core strategist and has been instrumental in its use case design for the financial industry.

Lon graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia.