Blockchain Strategy Consulting

Blockchain has myriad applications across a broad array of industries. However, many businesses struggle to realize the full potential gains of blockchain integration, which may include cost savings, security, scalability or data integrity. PeerStream helps businesses determine the blockchain strategy that best harnesses the transformational benefits of this revolutionary technology.

Blockchain Implementation

Once a client’s strategy in determined, Peerstream’s team of talented developers and project managers can build an implementation plan and execute all phases, including software development, testing and deployment

Whitelabel Video Solutions

PeerStream is a streaming video expert, having served billions of live video messages to hundreds of millions of users. PeerStream now offers its proprietary video delivery platform as a plug-and-play solution for developers seeking to integrate a live video experience into their social, communication or collaboration apps.

Technology Licensing

PeerStream Protocol (PSP), once launched, is expected to be open source and readily available for license. In addition, the Company intends to build a proprietary enterprise layer as a companion to PSP to add additional functionality, which would be available for a licensing fee. Other video delivery services comprise the third dimension of PeerStream’s licensing business.


PeerStream provides technical support as a premium service for PSP integration and other supported blockchain and media delivery technologies.