PeerStream Protocol (PSP)

PSP will route live, rich media content and power applications that require real-time data and video communications. At its launch later in 2019, the PSP is anticipated to enable third-party developers to build the next generation of social networking, messaging, group collaboration and live video streaming apps using the Company’s blockchain-based services. PSP is designed to provide the developer community with the opportunity to leverage the strength of the Company’s 15 years of development history in live video delivery and its recent investment in blockchain infrastructure to enable decentralized media routing. The decentralized platform will offer the potential for superior security, scalability and cost efficiency, with token-based incentives driving a large community of contributors of bandwidth and computing resources. PSP will be a horizontal extension of the best-of-breed NEM blockchain protocol. For more information, visit

Patent Portfolio

PeerStream owns 26 patents, including two patents focusing on Server Group Messaging for Interactive Applications which have been licensed by Microsoft, Sony and Activision Blizzard among others.  A number of other PeerStream patents focus on the efficient delivery of audio and video to very large user groups organized around interests.